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now is the scary time...

Posted by alexandra_k on February 28, 2021, at 12:40:42

traditionally in a war... the people bring disease with them which decimates the opposition.

but then the opposition gets a vaccine.

there's something psychological about how our health workforce 'frontline' warriers... who became accostomed to forcing people to do things co-ercively... in a sort of a psychological distortion of a fake 3 year old 'you can choose to do my will now or you can choose to do my will in 5 minutes and the choice is all up to you all the options you have and the choices you make and i will respect your choice to do my will'...

our health workforce...

once vaccinated...

will believe themselves to be...

one of our health workers said it already:




the people... the source of sickness... the people coming into new zealand from overseas...

the route of all evil...



things are about to get scary.


Re: now is the scary time...

Posted by alexandra_k on February 28, 2021, at 12:46:08

In reply to now is the scary time..., posted by alexandra_k on February 28, 2021, at 12:40:42

people have been fleeing, already.

coming back into new zealand and then leaving new zealand within 30 days to go to Australia.

they say they don't know their reasons or what their intent was and they can't prevent free movement of New Zealanders...

But we presently have police check-points both out of and also into Auckland.

And it's police discretion on whether they allow you to move through or whether they send you back.

Police discretion... I think the Nazi soldiors had discretion, too, didn't they. To decide who was:

'essential worker'

Allowed to move freely. One of us.

or 'other' who is required to stay off the streets and stay in their houses...

Didn't you know there's a war on?

I think it likely that people get to reflect while they are in quarantine. They get reflecting on (past the new zealand marketing image campaign) they get reflecting on why they left New Zealand in the first place...

And after their quarantine experience they flee to Australia rather than staying in New Zealand.

And in either country... If you can't find a way of life worth living within the law...

You turn to a life of crime.

I suppose.

I mean...

What options were there, again?

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