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Re: Akathisia, meds , Pseudo-Parkinson and help pls.:( linkadge

Posted by jay2112 on October 17, 2020, at 17:21:47

In reply to Re: Akathisia, meds , Pseudo-Parkinson and help pls.:(, posted by linkadge on October 17, 2020, at 15:38:10

Thanks Linkadge. Yep, I have tried most antipsychotics..typical and atypical. Abilify was the most wretched's like the agonism and antagonism are playing tug-of-war in the brain.
And the akathisia was the absolute a form of human torture. (For me, anyways.) Latuda is definitely the best one I have been on. That prison of ice-cold fear, of even my own shadow, has for the first time in a few decades, brought me back to a kinder, gentler reality.

I just wanted to underscore that my neurologist felt my symptoms were pseudo parkinson's, quite possibly from a few of my meds, as he has had quite a few similar cases. So, it's not a Parkinson's diagnosis, just the possibility we might have to change up a med or two, and observe over the long term. My aunt and my great-grandmother both had Parkinson's. He said we won't touch the Latuda, as I said, it brought me back to reality. He was a bit concerned about the antidepressants, and my former use of stimulants, may have slightly altered both my serotogenic and dopamine pathways.(He did not make a co-relation, directly, though, as he said psych meds, at therapeutic doses used, are actually neuro-protective.) I have had a few MRI's and CAT scans, and he said previously that "..all seems fine under the hood." LOL. I have tried almost every psych med out there.

I am on Latuda, Effexor, clonazepam, Lamictal, 25 mg of Remeron at bed, and .5mg of risperidone as a PRN. Interesting thing about Effexor...he said there is a bit of a controversy on it's effects on norepinephrine, that it is a fair bit weaker on norepinephrine than thought...even with the dose escalation.(I'd have to look up the references.)

So, we may try an anti-cholinergic (but no additional antidepressants, till we figure this out.) and a small dose of a dopamine agonist..but we will decide when we meet next week. He is just afraid of the psychosis.

And, I tried CBD, a few times, and it was just like a placebo. Surprisingly, cannabis is hit and miss, but I don't want to chance psychosis. One med that works *really* well is Lyrica..even way better than benzo's for for anxiety, and help's with depression too. But, I developed tolerance, and maxed it right out. Same with gabapentin.

So, that is where I am at. The Latuda was a huge game-changer for me. Seroquel, which also acts as a weak partial dopamine agonist, and Zyprexa (which I maxed out) really bring on heavy, heavy depression, me being BP2. Zyprexa almost made me OCD...I think because of antagonism at one of the serotonin receptors.

One thing I really don't understand in the research, is that they should try more specific-site serotonin receptors, combined with adrenal blockage...or more specific norepinephrine antagonists. It seems like clozapine does a lot of this, and about the agranulocytosis risk, it being only about 1 percent, and in some European countries, is only test for monthly, after being on the med for awhile.

I was brought up to believe..
Belief that's failed me now
As Life goes from bad to worse
No philosophy consoles me
In a clockwork universe..........
~Neil Peart (1952-2020)




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